The Wanderer started in the early 1990’s with the goal of viewing and documenting all of the stadia in the United States and Canada housing affiliated minor league franchises. By viewing and scoring 100 – 120 games a year this ambition is slowly reaching fruition. Obviously some franchises have been visited 100’s of times. As of November 2005, 133 of the 160 minor league organizations have been visited and put on film. In addition, the wanderer has paid homage to 18 wonderful old venues that either were abandoned (like Owen J. Bush in Indianapolis), replaced (like Jack Russell in Clearwater), or suffered a loss of franchise (like J.P. Riddle in Fayetteville). Added to the list are 13 Independent franchise facilities, all stadia in the Arizona Fall League and the sites where 22 of the 30 Major League teams conduct their spring training. There are many fans that have done the same thing, visiting all in one season or focusing only on the major league teams. To you I say, “It’s a great way to spend six months, huh?”